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Galaxy AI – Writing Assistant info

Embark on a linguistic journey with Galaxy AI, the ultimate app designed to elevate your text interactions to the next level. Revolutionize the way you communicate with an array of powerful features, all seamlessly integrated directly on your screen.

✨ **Key Features:**

📝 **Grammar Perfection:**

Bid farewell to typos and grammatical errors! Galaxy AI intuitively corrects your text in real-time within the text editor, ensuring your messages are flawless before you even hit send.

🌐 **Text Translation:**

Break down language barriers. Translate your messages on-the-fly, making global communication a breeze. Connect with friends and colleagues from around the world without missing a beat.

🔄 **Text Tone Transformation:**

Express yourself in multiple tones! Switch effortlessly between formal, romantic, professional or humorous tones to tailor your message perfectly to any situation. Galaxy AI understands the nuances of your words.

💬 **Reply and Summarize:**

Save time and energy with quick reply suggestions and summarization features. Galaxy AI analyzes messages, providing concise responses and summarizing lengthy texts, allowing you to stay on top of your conversations.

📸 **Select Images Directly on Screen:**

No more hassle switching between apps! Choose images directly on your screen, be it a screenshot or any image, and effortlessly incorporate them into your messages or queries.

🧠 **Intelligent Image Query:**

Unlock the power of artificial intelligence to query and analyze images directly on your screen. Galaxy AI brings a new dimension to your visual communication, making information retrieval seamless and efficient.

🔄 **Expand and Collapse Text:**

Effortlessly expand or collapse text sections directly on the screen. Navigate through lengthy texts with ease, focusing only on what matters most.

🌐 **On-Screen Convenience:**

Experience the ultimate convenience with all features accessible directly on your screen. No need to dive into the app and navigate back and forth – Galaxy AI empowers you with a seamless, on-the-fly experience.

⚡ **And More…:**

Galaxy AI is packed with additional features designed to enhance your text interactions. Explore the app to discover a world of possibilities at your fingertips!

🚀 Transform the way you communicate – download Galaxy AI now and embark on a cosmic journey of efficient, intelligent, and seamless text interactions! 🚀


Galaxie AI requires the Accessibility API to access text on the screen. This service allows Translate OnScreen to read and display text from other apps. We assure you that your privacy is respected, and no personal data is collected or stored.

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