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General Science Book and Quiz info

Word Science comes from the Latin word “Scientia” meaning “knowledge” and the term General Science can be described as Science Knowledge related to the encounter in our daily life.

General Science Encyclopedia is an educational application for students. If you are looking for General Science books free so you are in a right place. This app will provide you physics, chemistry, biology etc. You will get General Science most important lessons. This General Science books app will give you definition & classification in detail.

General Science Encyclopedia & General Science Quiz isn’t just a source of information, it’s a tool to help you comprehend the world around you better.

The General Science Knowledge & General Science Book app goes beyond the ordinary to satisfy your craving for knowledge across various fields of Sciences. Learn and give a comprehensive test about your science knowledge increase your Encyclopedia about General Science.

Key Features of General Science Encyclopedia;

• Branches of Science

• Chemical Names

• Atomic Number

• Invention and Discoveries

• Body Facts

• Common Drugs

• First in Space

• Scientific Instruments

• Ores and Alloys

• Plants Diseases

• Scientific Laws

• SI Units

• Vitamin and Minerals

• Scientific Names of Plants and Animals


App content provided for reference, educational purposes only. It is not to use for medical diagnosis, medical advice or treatment. Consult a doctor before the actual usage of any information in this app.

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