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Global UBT EPS Topik Practice info

Introducing the Global UBT EPS-TOPIK CBT PBT Exam App, designed for those aspiring to work under South Korea’s Employment Permit System (EPS). Administered by the Korean government through HRD KOREA, EPS offers a pathway to employment in South Korea. To qualify, candidates must excel in the EPS-TOPIK Exam, a pivotal requirement. This exam is held for applicants from 15 countries, including Nepal.

The Global UBT EPS-TOPIK Exam is offered in various formats: UBT (Ubiquitous Based Test), CBT (Computer Based Test), and PBT (Paper Based Test). Notably, UBT mode was initiated by HRD Korea from late 2021. Our dedicated app has been meticulously crafted to align with all parameters of the EPS Exam (UBT, CBT, PBT). It serves as a comprehensive aid for students aiming to succeed in the EPS Exam.

Our app boasts an extensive question bank of over 11,000 question sets, mirroring those presented in the EPS Exam format. Specifically tailored for Nepalese candidates,Moreover, the app boasts a unique offline exam feature. Candidates can access exam content by briefly connecting online, then seamlessly log out to attempt the exam offline. This innovative functionality ensures convenience and flexibility, enabling students to take the exam without internet connectivity and hassle Free. This app is a result of the collaborative efforts of TODDLE MULTIPURPOSE COMPANY and powered by BITMAP I.T. SOLUTION PVT LTD. The launch of a global version, catering to candidates from various countries, is in the pipeline. Learn more about us at and feel free to reach out at Embark on your journey towards EPS success with our cutting-edge app.

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