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Goethe-Institut Saudi Arabia offers hundreds of students a pathway to all things Germany

RIYADH: Organizers of the Riyadh International Book Fair have created a special section for children.

Activities and workshops covering areas such as writing, theater, music, fashion, and culinary arts are among events aimed at promoting reading among kids.

An animation workshop and educational sensory play area has also been provided, and a music corner offers children the opportunity to play instruments including the piano and guitar.

Amr AbuKhalaf, a Jordanian musician and member of rock band Akher Zapheer, was representing Music House at the fair and running guitar classes for young visitors.

Saudi company Music House, established in 2018, specializes in music education and training in the Kingdom.

AbuKhalaf said: “I am here to introduce children to music, especially those who may not have had the chance to learn before.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the positive response from many children. I even had the pleasure of teaching a young girl how to play the guitar, and I was amazed at how quickly she picked it up, as if she had been playing for a year.”

Rewan Abdulrazeeq, a violin and music teacher who graduated from the Conservatoire, The Higher Institute for Music in Egypt, was invited by Music House to take part in the event and provide general information about music to children.

An instrumentalist in the Cairo Symphony Orchestra with 15 years’ experience in the music business, Abdulrazeeq said: “I am fascinated by the approach of schools and institutions in teaching music to children here, and how it helps them express themselves.

“Music is not just about playing or singing; it is a means for children to express their thoughts and emotions,” she added.

The book fair’s fashion design workshop area targets children aged nine to 12, and aims to help them explore their artistic side, discover their potential in fashion, and enjoy experimenting with colors.

The fair is open daily from 11 a.m. to midnight until Oct. 7 at King Saud University.

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