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Grand Street Fight info

Get ready for the ultimate street brawl in “Grand Street Fight”! Take on the role of a fearless fighter armed with a backpack and fighting skills, battling opponents on the streets. Knock out your enemies and collect their cash, but be quick to stash it in the bank before your backpack overflows!

With your hard-earned cash, unlock epic upgrades like enhanced power, lightning-fast attack speed, increased health, and lightning-quick moves. Want to pack a punch? Purchase a variety of weapons, from boxing gloves to baseball bats, or go all out with a mighty machine gun!

Prepare to face challenging bosses that block your progress, restricting access to new areas. Defeat them to unlock exciting new zones on the map. In the first level, your mission is to defeat every opponent on the pier and reach the awaiting ferry at the end.

Key Features:

– Engaging and hilarious street fighting gameplay.

– Collect money from fallen foes and deposit it in the bank.

– Purchase upgrades and various weapons for the ultimate advantage.

– Take on challenging bosses to unlock new areas.

– Explore different zones on the map as you progress.

Are you ready to show off your fighting skills and become the undisputed champion of the pier? Download “Grand Street Fight” now and let the battle begin!

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