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KIKLOP Green Sector (KiklopGS) is an international practice of Commissioning Managers, Engineers, Construction Managers and Designers offering world class professional Commissioning Management and consultancy services. Working across a wide range of markets, we understand client goals and community needs, ensuring that we deliver successful buildings that are enjoyable, responsible and cost effective to construct, operate and maintain.

KiklopGS has been established by KIKLOP Design & Engineering Istanbul, TURKEY and Green Sector Enterprises QATAR Companies. The Alliance is utilizing long years of experience based on previous achievements of its partners, staff, and commissioning teams, gained in international construction projects accomplished in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Kiklop Green Sector Qatar is a leading commissioning agent that has a dedicated record of success for over 10 years. The company provides commissioning services across various industries such as education, medical, hospitals, and hospitality, among others. Its track record reflects the exceptional quality of services offered to its customers, who continue to rely on the company for their commissioning needs

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