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Hearts · Card Game Classic info

Classic Hearts card game • Solo and Multiplayer • Smart bots • Thousands of people to play with • Interactive tutorial • Free and no signup required!

Play Hearts to your heart’s content with the official Hearts card game app from World of Card Games. Pair up with people by joining one of our tables, play by yourself against our bots, or create a private table and invite your friends and family to play. It’s free to play and no signup is required.

Our Hearts card game is filled with useful features that’ll help you enjoy the gameplay to the fullest. We strive to make our games as easy to use as possible, but at the same time, we want our games to have all the necessary features to make multiplayer gaming a joy.

=== Play against the computer using our bots

If you’re new to a game, playing against others can feel intimidating. We always suggest playing against the computer before playing against other people. Our intelligent bots should be challenging enough, even for experienced players.

=== Play against other people online

We have a great community of card players. People are generally really nice to each other, and you can always find an open table to join. Just click List of Tables to find a table to your liking.

=== Play against friends or family at a private table

Meeting fellow card game enthusiasts online is nice, but nothing beats a game against friends or family. Start a private table and let your friends know about the table name to get them to join.

=== Ranked games and global leaderboards

If you’re serious about your card games or have a competitive streak, ranked games are for you. These games are reserved for more series players and will only be accessible to you once you’ve signed up and played 10 games. Ranked players have a chance to end up on the daily leaderboard.

=== Custom design and avatars

Change the background and card design to something that suits you better. With 160+ different avatars, you’re sure to be able to find one to your liking.

=== Join ongoing games and chat with other players

Click List of Tables to join an ongoing game. There are always live players at the site, so you’re sure to find someone to play with. You can even chat with other players once you’ve joined a game, but remember to be friendly!

=== Detailed statistics and hand histories

Sign up to the site to be able to see detailed statistics. You can even save your hand history so you have a chance to analyze them later on!

We’re always open to suggestions, so feel free to reach out to us with suggestions for improvements.

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