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Hearts HD: Card Adventure Game info

Dive into the legendary card game ‘Hearts’! It takes a mix of strategy, skill, and luck to defeat your opponents. Play in classic mode with numerous settings or try the brand-new ‘Adventure’ storyline mode, where you’ll experience glorious adventures, valiant battles, and, of course, rewards playing as Arthur Frost!

In our version

☆ Story mode with dialogues, bosses, and rewards

★ Single-player mode with various game settings

☆ Excellent graphics

★ Unique AI opponents with their own backstory

☆ Multiple card decks and game tables

★ Fast and responsive animations

Additional Settings

Thanks to a flexible settings system, you can easily adapt ‘Hearts’ to your gaming style.

★ Choose the length of the match (by points or number of rounds)

☆ ‘Shooting the Moon’ setting

★ Select opponents (new ones unlocked through the ‘Adventure’ mode)

☆ Allow playing a heart card if the Queen of Spades has been played

★ Deduct 10 points if a trick is taken with the Jack of Diamonds

☆ Option to clear a trick by click or timer

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