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Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M info

Heroes Kingdom: Samkok M is a Three Kingdoms-themed strategic game that combines leisure and competition! You’ll get a new general training experience with over 200 famous generals, the unique light strategy and micro-operation real-time combat system, and an unlimited attribute growth system.

It truly embraces the concept of “what you love is what makes you the strongest”!

Game Features

[Diverse Tactical Gameplay]

200+ legendary Three Kingdoms generals, 20+ unique troop types, and 10+ formation combinations! Strategic counter system and ever-changing formations!

Experience a new combat where generals and soldiers fight together, giving you an unparalleled sense of strategic satisfaction!

[All Unbeatable Epic Generals]

Your favorite is always the mightiest!

Unlimited attribute development mechanism with the freedom to mix and match troop formations!

Breaking the traditional concept of strength and weakness, achieving true unrivaled power for everyone!

[Maximum Fun with Full Bonuses]

Get the strongest couple in Three Kingdoms, Lu Bu and Diaochan, as a welcome gift when you log in!

You can also earn the historical famous generals like Zhao Yun and Zhuge Liang for free in Conquest.

With the support of these legendary generals, you can easily win the game without spending any money!

[Three Kingdoms Is A Brotherhood]

Join an alliance, faction, or kingdom!

Forge alliances with your friends to fight bosses, and conquer cities;

Triumph over the land of Three Kingdoms together!

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