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Hexa 2048 – Lucky Puzzle info

Hexa 2048 is a new puzzle casual game that combines the popular 2048 game and match-3 gameplay. It perfectly combines the thrill of match-3 gameplay with the brain-burning strategy game, bringing you a fresh and exciting gaming experience. Coordinate your hands, eyes, and brain to challenge your mental limits in matching and elimination, and embark on a hexagonal 2048 adventure with just a tap of your fingertips!


• Drag randomly appearing hexagon combinations strategically to place them in empty spaces on the large hexagon.

• Create and eliminate three or more identical number blocks to merge them into larger number hexagon blocks.

• From 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, all the way up to 2048.

• Use power-ups to help you overcome difficulties and achieve high scores, greatly enhancing the fun.

• Earn higher scores through combo eliminations.


â–ª Abandoning restrictions and opening up three directions: horizontal, left diagonal, and right diagonal can all be eliminated.

â–ª No time limit, allowing for a more free gameplay experience.

â–ª Music effects that add to the fun of hexagon elimination.

â–ª Fresh and humorous visuals, with simple and puzzle-like gameplay.

Hexa 2048 is more intellectually challenging than 2048 and more challenging than match-3 games. Rediscover long-lost childhood memories in the world of hexagon elimination and create a legendary block world together! Use your intelligence, explore efficient techniques, and download to experience it now!

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