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Hitman Agent: Wild Sniper info

Hitman Agent: Wild Sniper – You are the sharpest sniper on alert!

In Hitman Agent: Wild Sniper, you’ll be the shooter agent, tracking your enemies and hunting them down with numerous weapons and maps. Experience the excitement and dangers of the FPS world!


REALISTIC GRAPHICS AND GAMEPLAY. Experience every moment with high-quality graphics and gameplay.

EVERY MAP A DIFFERENT ADVENTURE. Each map is uniquely designed for you to discover specific strategies and find advantageous positions. Every location is filled with different enemy types and missions!

EXTENSIVE WEAPON OPTIONS. Extensive weapon options allow you to apply different tactics in every mission.

ENVIRONMENTS AND ENEMY VARIETY. With different enemy types and numerous locations, each level offers a new challenge and excitement.

UNIQUE REWARDS WITH BATTLE PASS AND DAILY MISSIONS. Earn rewards and rank up with the Battle Pass and daily missions!

TAKE YOUR PLACE IN HITMAN AGENT: WILD SNIPER. Don’t wait, Download Hitman Agent: Wild Sniper now and step into a real agent’s world! Experience the thrill of competitive FPS action and strategic fight as you defeat your enemies!

Download Hitman Agent: Wild Sniper now!

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