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Tired of running out of pages in your habit notebook and putting off your habits until you buy another one? Hizo is the solution for you! Now you can keep track of your habits just like you do in your notebook, but with unlimited pages and powerful statistics to help improve your productivity.

Hizo is a productivity solution that takes you back to the basics, focusing on providing a fast and delightful user experience.


Why you’ll love Hizo:


• Beautiful Design: Hizo offers a clean and visually appealing design that enhances your user experience.

• Easy habits: With Hizo, you can quickly and effortlessly set your habits and track them in an easy-to-use interface.

• Daily Tasks: Hizo’s simple to-do list helps you get more done and stay organized in a way that’s delightful and enjoyable.

• Customization: Hizo allows you to customize the app to your liking, from choosing colors to selecting a light or dark theme.

• Ads free: Hizo is an ad-free zone dedicated solely to helping you build healthy habits and increase your productivity. No pop-ups, no banner ads, just pure focus on becoming the best version of yourself.

Hizo is always free, which means you can use all the features mentioned above. If you’re looking for even more advanced features, you can upgrade to Hizo Premium for the ultimate productivity management experience.


Full access benefits:


• Unlimited habits: With Hizo Premium, you can create an unlimited number of new habits.

• Delightful statistics: The Premium Plan provides a comfortable environment to explore how you can progress on a deeper level and reach your full potential.

• More colors: Hizo Premium allows you to use a full range of colors to make habit tracking more enjoyable.

• Manage habits: With Premium, you can organize your day the way you want by sorting the order of your habits.


About Premium plan billing

Your monthly or annual subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled 24 hours before the end of the current period. Easily cancel in the Google Play settings without additional charges, the subscription will conclude at the end of the current period.


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