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Horror Wendigo Call Prank info

Horror Wendigo Call Prank

fake call video of the scary Wendigo, you will receive a fake horror call video that looks like a real call.

it’s an easy app to use in order to entertain yourself, and prank your friends and family and see their frightening and hilarious reactions,

you just run the Horror Wendigo Call Prank and choose whether you want to receive a call, have a horror conversation by receiving a video call from the giant Wendigo.

Horror Wendigo Call Prank contains images and sounds of the scary and angry Wendigo.

Calls will last as long as you want through your mobile for free

your fake wendigo call will be connected to several contact lists available on

your phone

You can enjoy wendigo fake calls anytime and anywhere

You will also get a fake massage from Wendigo through your cellphone and you too

can meet directly through your cellphone with wendigo

With a terrible sound and appearance you can get with this application, too

you play with friends and you can use it to prank your friends

Wendigo fake calls you can easily get on all your android devices

for free and can be accessed offline without using the internet so you can

Feel free to play Wendigo fake calls without being afraid that your internet package will

run out and when the signal in your house is bad you can still be entertained with

wendigo fake call

this is a Halloween party, download this app to spend a night of horror and pranks (Horror Wendigo Call Prank).

Prepare your Halloween pumpkin and get a video call from Horror Wendigo .

The video call has a terrifying interface so it will look 100% real, a fantastic prank application to scare the kids and even the adults on Halloween.

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