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How To Beat Omega In Final Fantasy XVI

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Final Fantasy 16 has some really tough fights. Throughout the game you’ll fight Eikons, dragons, and huge monstrous beasts wielding massive weapons. There is one enemy, though, that towers over them all in how terrifyingly powerful and scary it is. We’re talking, of course, about Omega.




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With a storied history in the Final Fantasy series as an optional superboss with oodles of health and the most threatening attacks you can face, you know you’re in for a rough time against Omega. And what do ya know, the boss at the end of the Echoes of the Fallen DLC just so happens to be an incarnation of this magitek nightmare.


Clive, Joshua, Jill, and Torgal in the Sagespire in Final Fantasy 16

Echoes of the Fallen is a very late-game DLC that unlocks just before the final mission of the game. You’ll want to be as close to the old level cap (50) as possible before taking on this DLC, with the skills you intend to use built up to their maximum levels.

You should have a balance of staggering skills and damage skills – you’ll use the first to blitz through stagger bars and build up your damage multiplier against Omega when it’s broken, and then unleash all the damage skills you can when you’ve hit the max damage multiplier.

Good Stagger Skills

Garuda: Gouge, Wicked Wheel, Aerial Blast

Shiva: Diamond Dust

Titan: Upheaval

Bahamut: Impulse

Good Damage Skills

Garuda: Wicked Wheel

Ramuh: Pile Drive

Titan: Upheaval, Windup

Bahamut: Gigaflare

Phoenix’s Flames of Rebirth is another great skill to consider equipping. While it’s not great at either damaging or staggering Omega, it’s useful against the encounters throughout the Sagespire and has a healing effect that can save your life in a pinch.

As for equipment, the DLC is quite forgiving – you’ll find chests throughout The Sagespire stage that contain equipment that actually surpasses the best equipment you can usually acquire in a regular new game:

  • Fallen Enforcer, which is better than Gotterdamerung.
  • Fallen Belt, which is better than the Ouroboros.
  • Fallen Bracelets, which are better than The Sons of Ouroboros.

You’ll also pick up some new accessories throughout the Sagespire – these have some game-changing effects attached to them, so it’s a good idea to read their descriptions carefully and equip any that feel like good complements to your playstyle. Particularly good are the following:

  • Assailment Bit, which improves stagger periods and increases the maximum damage multiplier to a whopping 2x.
  • Revivement Bit, which improves Clive’s Limit Break and turns his Limit Break into a ‘last chance’ mechanic if he’d otherwise take fatal damage.

Along with these accessories, the Berserker Ring is highly recommended.

The Fallen Enforcer can be upgraded into the Omega Weapon using materials gained from the three boss fights of the Sagespire.

Apart from skills and equipment, make sure you’re going into the fight with a full complement of items. Two Elixirs and a Last Elixir, along with as many Potions and High Potions as you can carry, are the bare minimum.

With those preparations sorted, head into and fight your way through the Sagespire.

How To Beat Omega

Firing off a massive Gigaflare against Omega in Final Fantasy 16

Omega is a very large target and you’re fighting it on an expansive battlefield. One issue that might crop up is one of depth perception – it can sometimes be tricky on these huge battlefields to tell how far away the foe is. Make sure you’re getting as close as possible before attacking so that you do not miss.

This can be tricky, of course, as Omega has quite the repertoire of attacks itself:



Delta Attack

A triangle surrounds Clive for a period of time. After a few moments, more triangles will show up on the floor, indicating danger areas that will eventually electrify.

You can ignore this attack until the horizontal triangles appear on the ground. Dodge out of them as soon as possible.

Wave Cannon

Omega fires an instantaneous linear beam out towards Clive. After a few moments, it will grow into a very large beam.

Dodge through the first beam and then rush to the side. This should be an easy attack to avoid on its own, it just gets more difficult to deal with when there are multiple attacks firing at once.

ML Wave Cannon

Omega summons multiple Wave Cannon attacks to strike over the entire battlefield. The lasers will fire twice in succession.

You’ll have a good amount of time to get into a safe space between the laser beams before the attack fires.

Claw Swipe

It is a simple, blatantly telegraphed melee attack that Omega uses when you are close to it.

This should be easy to dodge – you should expect this attack to come out when you’re close to the boss.


Omega shoots out two barrages of four energy shots at Clive. These have some good tracking, with the second barrage coming out very quickly after the first.

These are fast projectiles – you’ll need to dodge almost consecutively to avoid the second attack.

Laser Beams

Omega summons a cluster of lasers around Clive. After a short moment, they’ll explode into larger lasers.

Dodging forward towards Omega should get you out of this attack very quickly.

This fight is more of a warmup for the real deal, but there are still some things to watch out for. Omega’s bombardment attack comes out very quickly and can catch you unawares easily, so you’ll need to be on the lookout for this at all times.

Omega’s attacks hit incredibly hard, even with the best equipment in the game. You should have Potions and High Potions both mapped to your quick slots so you can heal yourself quickly – it’s surprising how quickly your health can drop in this fight.

Towards the end of this phase, Omega will start weaving together Delta Attack with ML Wave Cannon, giving you less room to find space. Be wary of this, and don’t panic! A single stagger period with effective use of skills and damage multiplier building should be enough to send you into the second phase.

How To Beat Omega Aionios

Omega Aionios in Final Fantasy 16

This is when the huge battlefield starts becoming a chore to work around. Again, make sure you’re keeping close to Omega when attacking!

As you’d expect, this terrifying upgrade gets some fancy new attacks.



Maximum Overdrive

Omega scrambles across the floor making swiping and dragging attacks. This is a long attack but doesn’t have good tracking – if you dodge to the side, Omega will continue attacking in the wrong direction.

While this is a long and scary attack, it should be easy to avoid with the right tools. A precision dodge with the Berserker Ring equipped or a Cold Snap should get you out of the firing line.

Ion Efflux

Omega leaps into the centre of the arena and unleashes a massive cloud of energy balls. These will fall like slow rain for a while.

Being hit by one of these balls will stun you momentarily and probably get you hit by one of Omega’s other attacks. Do your best to avoid these.

ML Wave Cannon

This attack is largely the same as in the first phase, but now has the second part of the attack firing in the previously-safe gaps. You’ll need to keep an eye on where the beams are telegraphed.


This isn’t a real attack, it’s just a signifier that Omega has taken enough damage to enter a pseudo-third phase. It will look like Clive is taking unavoidable damage, but he isn’t

Atomic Ray

Omega smashes its front claws into the ground, emitting consecutive pairs of fiery rings that cover the entire battlefield. In addition to this, telegraphed damage areas will cover the field and grow, eventually leaving only tiny safe zones.

You can easily hop over the fiery rings, especially if you use Garuda’s movement ability. Once the damage zones grow massive, you’ll need to head to one of the small safe zones before the final attack fires off.


Omega slams the ground in front of it, firing a wide, linear attack at Clive.

This attack is fast but heavily telegraphed – it should be easy to dodge to the side.

Smashing Leap

Omega launches towards Clive and performs a two-hit melee combo.

This is quite easy to see coming if you’re paying attention, but it’s usually used as a follow-up to other attacks. This attack can be parried with good timing, but if your timing isn’t excellent, you should try to avoid this by dodging backwards.

Drifting Wave Cannon

Omega drifts around the arena, firing off Wave Cannons.

The telegraphed beams are as easy to dodge as ever, but they can be difficult to see depending on the other attacks Omega is using.

Fiery Puddle

Omega fires two beams at the ground in front of it when Clive is there. A telegraphed circle appears – after a while the circle will explode with pillars of flame.

Volcanic Shredder

While far away from Clive, Omega will drag a claw along the ground and send a claw-shaped wave of fire at him. This happens twice in succession, once with each claw.

This can be tricky to see coming – if you see Omega drag its claw along the ground, though, you should be ready to dodge into and through a very fast, very wide ranged attack.

In addition to these attacks above, Omega also retains those it used in the first phase. Some of them, such as ML Wave Cannon and its melee attacks, are more dangerous now, though.

Fighting Omega Aionios in Final Fantasy 16

Omega’s Maximum Overdrive and Atomic Ray attacks will leave it winded, which proves a fantastic opportunity to attack. In addition, if you have Garuda equipped, performing a takedown at half-stagger is a brilliant way to get some breathing room in a battle where the boss attacks almost constantly.

Making the most of these fleeting gaps in Omega’s attack pattern is the key to making this a breezy fight.

The main difficulty here is that Omega will start weaving together lots of tricky attacks together. You’ll need to do your best to avoid damage by knowing each attack’s intricacies in and out. This can be very tricky, though, so keep your fingers on the Potion/High Potion button just in case.

Once you have Omega Aionios down to low health, the boss fight will enter a third and final phase. This gives the fight a time limit as Omega shrinks the battlefield constantly.

You’ll be attacked constantly while this is happening, but you can’t spend too much time dodging attacks – you need your damage output to outpace the arena shrinkage.

This is the perfect time to heal through damage with Potions and trigger a Limit Break – as soon as Omega’s health is wiped out, the battle is over – no surprise fourth phase in sight.

The stage will end after this fight – to complete the DLC quest in its entirety, head back to the Hideaway and speak to Charon.


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