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How To Find The Crystals For A Deal With Ursula In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dealing with villains in Disney Dreamlight Valley is always exciting. Though they are up to no good most of the time, they often need your help to get things done. As ruler of the valley, it’s your job to minimize the damage. This time, Ursula needs your help.




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To bargain for Prince Eric, Ursula will need you to investigate something for her. While you might not trust her, and no one would blame you for it, it’s the strongest lead you have, and the sea witch is in a good mood. It’s best to do what she says before the tides change out of your favor.

Updated December 11, 2023, by Sean Murray: Still looking to make a deal with Ursula and all those crystal locations? This guide has you covered, now with refreshed formatting and more breakout tips to make finding those crystals even easier. We’ve also given this guide more links to other helpful Disney Dreamlight Valley topics.

How To Unlock A Deal With Ursula Friendship Quest

Avatar talking to Ursula inside her house in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock Ursula’s level ten Friendship Quest, there are a few prerequisites that must be met. You must have:

  • Progressed with Ariel.
  • Have the Forgotten Lands unlocked.
  • Have the Sunlit Plateau unlocked.
  • Have the Glade of Trust unlocked.

Speak to her, and she’ll share that she’s willing to part with Prince Eric for a price. She’s been keeping him in her garden all this time, right under your nose. In exchange for his safe return, you’ll have to fetch something from the ruins of the Forgotten Lands. She’ll send you to investigate and collect a dark crystal from the ruined pillars in the back of the area, near a pond.


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How To Find The Crystals For A Deal With Ursula

Four restored pillars in the Forgotten Lands ruins in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Bring the crystal back to the sea witch, and she’ll instruct you to collect the rest of the missing crystals. There are three crystals scattered around the valley for you to find. Luckily, they’re in easy-to-reach places, so it should be a quick jog around the valley.

Use the wells in each area to fast travel if you’re in a hurry. The sooner you find those crystals, the sooner Prince Eric can be freed.

The Sunlit Plateau

Dark Crystal location in Sunlit Plateau in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In the Sunlit Plateau, head to the western pond, over the bridge, and past the Vitalys Mine. You’ll see it sitting by the edge of the pond, just waiting to be collected.

The Glade Of Trust

Dark Crystal Location in Glade of Trust in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In the Glade of Trust, you’ll find another crystal at the base of Mother Gothel’s tree. It’s sitting to the right of the door when facing it, tucked under a root just past the bridge.

You can’t miss the dark crystal’s glowing aura.

The Frosted Heights

Dark Crystal Location In Frosted Heights in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In the Frosted Heights, head to the back by the waterfall, but do not cross the bridge. It will be waiting for you in the snow, beside the river.


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How To Seal The Deal With Ursula

Avatar in Sea Witch Gown with Poor Unfortunate Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley

With all four crystals in your inventory, head back to the ruins in the Forgotten Lands. Place them on the pedestals and stand back. A special crystal will appear, and you’ll need to pick it up. Take it back to Ursula to seal the deal.

She’ll thank you for your efforts and reward you with the Sea Witch Gown and what’s left of Poor Unfortunate Eric. That will end the quest for now, but there’s still work to be done to restore Prince Eric to his former self.


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