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How To Get Auto-Feeders In Coral Island

Farming can be casual, fun, and relaxing. It can also sometimes be a little hectic, especially if you find yourself with more animals than you anticipated. Doing just the basics of care to feed, pet, and harvest products can eat through a large chunk of time each and every day.



If You’re Just Getting Started

Coral Island: Guide To Animal Care

Here’s how to look after your animals in Coral Island.

If you’re looking to save yourself some of those precious daily minutes, automation is the answer. There is a lot of automation available in Coral Island. You can implement as much, or as little, of it as you want. Automatically feeding animals is a great place to begin your automation.

How To Unlock The Auto-Feeder

Coral Island town rank menu showing the lowest score of F. Next to it is an activity log.

You’ll need to invest in Coral Island quite a bit before you’ll have access to automation. You’ll need to reach town rank D.

You start the game with town rank F, and it will take some effort to reach town rank D. Working on healing coral sites and donating to the museum are some of the easiest ways to improve your town rank.

Once you reach town rank D, you’ll unlock quite a few automation options. You’ll have access to an auto-petter, auto-feeder, and auto-collector.

Where To Find The Auto-Feeder

Coral Island character Ling with a dialogue box open showing different available options. The one highlighted is labeled as develop equipment.

When you’ve reached town rank D, you’ll receive the notice that you have unlocked access to the auto-feeder. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you have one yet, or that you even have access to the recipe.

You’ll need to visit the lab, and interact with the counter just inside the entrance. Choose the option to develop equipment to see what’s available.

The auto feeder is on the more expensive side of things. You’ll need quite a few items to purchase the recipe. When you unlock the recipe, you will also get one auto-feeder.

What You Need To Purchase The Auto-Feeder Recipe



Coral Coins




Silver Kelp Essence






This will be for the initial purchase from the lab. After this purchase, you’ll be able to craft as many as you want from your crafting menu.

The solar panel that you can also craft will produce batteries, or you can purchase batteries from the lab or certain other shops.

What You Need To Craft Auto-Feeders





Silver Kelp Essence






These are much more affordable to create, but will still take some effort. You’ll get three batteries from the solar panel when it has reached its capacity. It’ll start creating more batteries once you pick up the finished ones.

How To Use The Auto-Feeder

Coral Island avatar holding an auto feeder unit, and a red outlined area with a white arrow pointing to it. The red area with the arrow is the correct spot for the auto feeder unit.

If you want to auto-feed all your animals, you’ll need an auto-feeder for each barn or coop you have. The description for the auto-feeder says to place it on your farm, but it’s a little more particular than that.

You will need to have a silo set up on your farm to store hay.

You’ll need to enter the coop or barn you want to convert to auto-feeding. Once you’re holding the auto-feeder, an area of the barn or coop will show up with a red outline. You’ll need to place the auto-feeder with the normal placement button in the red area.

The red-marked area will turn green once you’re close enough to properly place the auto-feeder. Now when you get low on hay, you’ll see a text alert above the auto-feeder that will let you know the hay is running low.

You can replenish your hay by purchasing some at the ranch or using your scythe on the tall grass on your farm or around the island.

The auto-feeder doesn’t know how many animals you have, so it will simply fill the maximum hay spots for whatever level barn or coop you have. This will only cost you a little extra hay since the animals will still only eat their portions.

Combine the auto-feeder with the auto-petter and auto-collector to make your ranching even easier. You’re on your way to a well-automated farm.


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