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How To Make Your Friend A Key Holder In Lego Fortnite

A surprising collaboration between Fortnite and Lego has resulted in none other than…Lego Fortnite. Enter into a generated world to explore, survive, and craft to your heart’s content. Build structures with Lego block materials, and build up a village of your very own.




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While you can certainly explore your world all alone, you also have the ability to hop into this new brick-built world with friends. The server-based worlds are tied to the host player, but there are different ways to play with your amigos in Lego Fortnite. Here’s what you need to know about playing with friends, including how to give them a key to your world.

How To Play Lego Fortnite With Friends

A map in Lego Fortnite showing two player icons a large distance apart.

After logging in to Fortnite and switching over to the Lego Fortnite game mode, there are a couple ways to start playing together.

The easiest way is to join a lobby together, and have the group leader queue up into one of their available worlds. If you need to, you can also invite friends to join your party and adventure with you while you are already in your world.

Players will spawn into the map in different locations, so you might have to help a new friend reach your village. Make sure to set a respawn point at a bed in case your friend dies, so they don’t respawn in an unfortunate location.

A host’s world will only be available when they are online and in the world themselves.

How To Give A World Key To A Friend

Two Lego players running through a field at night, holding a Lego torch.

However, if you and a friend both want to have free rein in a Lego world without a specific person having to be online, there’s a way to do that. You have the ability to give up to seven people access to your world by giving them one of your available keys.

Here are the steps for making your friend a Keyholder in Lego Fortnite:

  • Step One: Load into your created world with your friend.
  • Step Two: Open up your map menu, and cycle to the “Players” tab.
  • Step Three: Hover over the friend you want to give access to from the list of players in your world.
  • Step Four: Share one of your keys with them.

Players tab in the Lego Fortnite menu where you can see who is currently in the world with you.

Simple as that! Now, any friend with a key will be able to continue their adventures in the world even when you aren’t online.

There may be a bug where, if a Keyholder is a party leader instead of the world’s creator, the Keyholder may not be able to select and load into the world. Make the owner of the world the party leader, or load into the world separately to get around the issue.

How To Remove A Keyholder From Your World

A prompt asks if you want to remove key privileges from a friend in Lego Fortnite.

If you unfortunately need to remove someone’s access to your world, here’s how you can do that:

  • Step One: Load into a world that you have created.
  • Step Two: Any Keyholders will be listed in the “Players” menu, so select the one you wish to remove.
  • Step Three: Confirm your choice to revoke their key privileges.

All Keyholders for a world will be listed, even if they aren’t online.


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