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HyperOS Charging Animation info

HyperOS Updater: Add HyperOS Charging Animation to any android phone. The application helps you experience the latest HyperOS charging effects. When you charge your phone, the charging screen will display battery information along with the remaining battery percentage.


– Latest HyperOS charging effects.

– Works on all android phones.

– Very easy to use and customize.


Term Of Service: Accessibility Access

This app requires the Accessibility Service permission for:

• Show the Charging Screen above the System’s one when you charge your phone.

• To start Accessibility Service actions: By enabling the service, the application will support command for press, long press and swipe actions on Charging Screen with following features:

– Back, Home, Recent actions.

– Popup notification, Quick settings.

– Popup Power dialogs.

– Take a Screenshot.

If you disable the Accessibility service, the features cannot work properly. We do not collect or share any sensitive or personal information.

The application commits not to collect or share any user information about this accessibility right. Please open application and grant permission to enable HyperOS Charging Animation.

Note: ‘HyperOS Updater: Add HyperOS Charging’ is not affiliated with or endorsed by Xiaomi or HyperOS. It aims to provide a similar Charging Animation experience to MIUI for Android users who admire its aesthetics.

Thank you!

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