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Ice Princess World Castle Life info

1, 2, 3… Welcome to the magical world of Ice Princess!

【Wilderness Amusement Park】

Dear passengers, please dress up in your best clothes and sit on the merry-go-round at the amusement park. Let Mr. Cat and Miss Rabbit show a dance for you!

【Commercial Street】

Please wait a moment on the bench and let make you a cup of milk tea… Hmm? You said you want to do it yourself, of course!

Have you seen the capsule station over there? There are many cute pet dolls inside those round balls. Let me tell you secretly that all the toys here are free!

【Ice and Snow Castle】

Okay, I know you came here for the beautiful Ice Princess. Don’t worry, I’ll take you to her castle for a walk.

Try this plate of crystal shrimp, it was specially made for you by the royal chef of Ice Princess. What? You said that you can do it yourself? Is it real?

——Hey, run about everywhere, upstairs is the private dressing room of Ice Princess… hmm, okay, actually I’m a bit curious about it too.

Wow! This machine can change hairstyles for characters, as well as this lipstick, this eyebrow pencil… Oh, why is there an ice sculpture here? No, this is Ice Princess?!

【Balcony with Sea View】

Huh… we almost got caught by Ice Princess. Let’s listen to music and see the stars on the balcony tonight.

【Magic House】

Tomorrow, I will take you to the magical cottage to plant flowers and play with her messy transformation potions

Hmm? You are asking who am I? I am certainly the most mysterious and powerful wind elf! Ha, do you think I showed up too early?

So next, please try your best to find me~


1. Drag and drop, decrypt and collect

2. Cook delicious food and make beverages

3. Change makeup and hairstyle

4. Diverse characters and fun sound effects

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