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Short Description : Photo Selection, Share Event, Gallery and Event Booking

Long Description :

Events :

In order to access an event, an Event key or QR code is required. The event will contain all the necessary information such as the event date, venue, invitations, photos, digital albums, and videos.

Photo Selection:

The Photo Selection process involves customers selecting images for album design, and we have made this process incredibly easy. There is no need to visit our studio in person to select images.

To select an image, simply swipe it to the right, and it will be marked as “Selected.” Conversely, swiping an image to the left will mark it as “Rejected.”

Selected, Rejected, and Undecided images can be reviewed later.

Once the Photo Selection process is finished, customers can notify the studio by clicking the “Submit” button.

E-Album :

The E-Album is a digital album that offers convenient viewing anywhere, and at any time.


The Gallery Page of Johnson Photography allows you to explore the finest collection of sample photos, albums, and videos

Book Now :

Johnson Photography, for any event or occasion, is just a click away.

Address :

Johnson Photography,

1/109D, Main Road,


Tuticorin – 628207,



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