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King Fahd International Airport in Dammam set to undergo a $26.6m development

Al-Ahsa Municipality issues 2,928 licenses to establish residential units in 2023

RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ahsa region witnessed a rise in residential units in 2023 as the governorate’s municipality issued 2,928 licenses for their establishment.  

The authority has also approved 20 plans, 155 residential plots as well as two commercial plans and five government facilities, the Saudi Press Agency reported.  

This aligns with the Kingdom’s goals and strategies to launch several extensive residential projects to achieve a balance between population growth and rapid urban expansion.        

This also comes as the rise in residential density has led to increased demand for housing, meaning the Kingdom is working to boost the real estate supply to meet this need, aligning with a sustainable urban approach.  

Furthermore, it falls in line with the municipality’s objectives to support the quality of life in the governorate.

In addition to issuing as many as 248 commercial licenses, Al-Ahsa Municipality also announced the allocation of 565 investment opportunities with an area of 1 million sq. meters. 

The entity also revealed 213 temporary sites for winter camps and 135 sites for business incubators in the governorate. 

Also, the year 2023 saw the governorate complete 1,099 electronic requests to merge and sort land plots, update 4,727 deeds for residential units and allocate 79 lands to eight government sectors of different sizes. 

Furthermore, the municipality expropriated properties for the benefit of intersection and road development projects in order to contribute to the flow of traffic. 

That said, the organization carried out the construction of a tunnel at the intersection of King Abdullah Road and Riyadh Road, as well as completed the extension of King Abdullah Road to the cities of Al-Hofuf and Al-Mubarraz. 

With regards to road development projects, the municipality also completed the continuity of the Prince Saud Bin Jalawi Road with Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd Road, in addition to implementing and disbursing compensation for the historic center project in Al-Hofuf.

In January, Saudi Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al-Khateeb said that real estate works in Al-Ahsa provinces are set to boost the Kingdom’s rural tourism. 

Speaking during a panel at the second edition of the Real Estate Future Forum, which was taking place in Riyadh at the time, Al-Khateeb explained that any citizen that has a house or a farm in Al-Ahsa province can offer it on the tourist rural hotel system’s platform for rent and development and the Tourism Development Fund will provide the needed financing.

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