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RIYADH: Bookworms in a Saudi province have set up more than 800 home libraries to promote reading.

The success story follows Najran Literary and Cultural Club’s launch earlier this year of its Furnishing Home Libraries initiative which came in the wake of a Reading is Life project members started four years ago.

Club president, Saeed Al-Mardama, said the program began with the establishment of a library at Najran airport which receives 60 books every week, the Saudi Press Agency reported. It has now delivered more than 1,700 publications to readers throughout Saudi Arabia.

A team of volunteers distributes books to the homes of registered members.

Hind Saud, a reader and book reviewer on Instagram, said: “The initiative is important and outstanding, especially at this time because not many people read nowadays.

“Also, after technology, social media, and smartphones, it becomes rare to see people holding books and reading them.

“So, the idea that they deliver books right at your door, encourage you to read, and support you for days, weeks, and months, is something amazing.”

The club had initially set a target of creating 500 libraries in Najran, but the number has now reached 800 in the region.

Reading in the Kingdom has been steadily growing in popularity, partly because of special awareness events. These have included the Riyadh International Book Fair, and the Reading is Life initiative in Najran aimed at adults and children.

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