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Ladder Bridge Race Run info

The stair-running game Ladder Climb Race is both enjoyable and challenging. To win the stair race game, construct a ladder. in the ladder climb race, try to finish the track first.

Be careful: you have to breach the gap with deadly lava, or ice-freezing water! Don’t fall in! Collect enough snow, wood or any other material to have enough for a bridge or a ladder.

Sounds like a lot of fun? Here’s more! You can make others lose, while setting your eyes on the prize! Claim the throne and get to the first place. Push your enemies with the ball you’ve rolled, bury them in the snow or press a button to set them flying all the way down! Wa-haha, nothing beats spoiling someone else’s fun, right?

Well, we have something to up the game! Let’s see

– Play as different characters! Unlock skins and get new avatars!

– Easy to control and get into: swipe, roll and win!

– Play with other people and beat everyone!

– Discover new contraptions and environments!

– Try out different balls and rolls. Starting with wood, followed by the classic snow

– Beat tough bosses to prove your skills!

– Cool upgrades, like hoverboard and flying sneakers!

Ready to get lost in addictive gameplay? Download and play!

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of this new running game featuring colorful, fast-moving stick racers on bouncy, risky stairs. This will help us make this ladder game one of the best running games. Many thanks.

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