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The TWO charging app provides you with numerous functions for charging your electric vehicle. We as TWO are a regional municipal utility from Halle (Westphalia) and operate several public charging stations, the so-called “TWOenergieQUELLEN”. You can conveniently charge 100% green electricity here using your smartphone (direct payment or app), RFID card or TWO charging token.

The most important functions of the TWO charging app:

– Real-time display of all available charging points (map and list view)

– Navigation to the next charging station

– Information on tariffs, opening times, plug types

– Search function, filters, favorites management

– Activation of the charging station for charging processes

– Live display of your charging process (including power consumption + costs)

– Overview of past charging processes including costs

– Management of personal data

– Feedback function, report faults

The detailed charging instructions are located directly on the charging station. Further information can be found at:

Did you know?

As TWO, we not only promote public charging infrastructure, but also offer TWO wallbox electricity for the home. By the way, TWO electricity customers charge at reduced rates. (We only deliver within our own network area – 33790 Halle (Westphalia).)

If you have any questions, you can reach us during our business hours by phone on 05201 858-0 or by email at

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