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Learn Sindhi – سنڌي سکيا info

The Sindhi Sikhiya (Learn Sindhi) mobile application is specifically designed to assist individuals in acquiring proficiency in the Sindhi language. Developed as a culmination of linguistic research, this project aims to offer a user-friendly and engaging platform for learning Sindhi. The comprehensive set of learning tools within the app includes features such as an alphabet letters list, lessons on colors and counting, basic phrases, sentences, short essays in Sindhi, vocabulary lists, grammar lessons, and interactive quizzes.

To enhance the language-learning experience, the app incorporates audio recordings of native Sindhi speakers. These recordings serve to improve users’ pronunciation skills and enhance their listening comprehension. The user interface has been carefully designed to be both accessible and visually appealing, ensuring that learners of all ages can navigate the app easily and effectively.

The Sindhi Language Authority is now pleased to announce the official launch of this enhanced application, reaffirming its commitment to making the process of learning Sindhi accessible, enjoyable, and beneficial for all users.

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