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Lego Fortnite Skins Can Use All Of The Emotes

Fortnite is getting more than 1,200 Lego skin variants, based on pre-existing skins in the game. Better yet, all of the skins can use emotes, all with updated animations to reflect their tinier, blockier Lego bodies.



This was quickly spotted in the Chapter 5, Season 1 reveal, which showed off a bunch of ambitious crossovers. Perhaps the most impressive is this Lego collaboration, as it introduces more variants than ever before, and a bunch of reworked emotes.

HYPEX has compiled some of these emotes in action on the Lego skins, showing them working just fine without any issues caused by the new look.

Following some overnight maintenance, Fortnite just went live again, so you should be able to log in and see all of these new Lego skins and animations for yourself. That’s if you can get past the huge queue, which players are already saying has made a return from yesterday. Unsurprisingly, all of these new Fortnite goodies mean a lot of players trying to log in at once.

One of the Lego skins will also be given out for free, starting on December 7. It will be available to anyone who connects their Lego and Epic accounts.

While 1,200 Lego variants are enough to keep most players busy, there’s a whole lot more on offer this season. As we covered earlier today, Peter Griffin is finally in Fortnite, following years of speculation – and shitposting. He brings with him new loot full of Family Guy references, including a piece of Back Bling that plays cutaway gags on a loop.

Much of this leaked before it was officially shown off, as the battle pass revealed that Peter would be added alongside Solid Snake. Eminem’s involvement with the season also leaked ahead of time, revealing that he’s the next musician to hold a show in the game. His content is live in the game now, including three skins. The fact that these have to be bought separately has come under fire, a disappointing turn after the crowd-pleasing Fortnite OG event last month.


Epic Games Can’t Rely On Fortnite Nostalgia For Much Longer

Revisiting the past is nice for a while, but we can’t remain ignorant of Fortnite’s future.

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