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Lethal Company: The Scariest Monsters

There are a plethora of frightening monsters guarding the scrap you need in Lethal Company. Each monster has unique behaviors and tactics they’ll use to decimate scavengers.




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The scariest monsters of Lethal Company tap into specific senses of horror that play tricks with your mind. Some of these include towering over you, using the element of surprise, isolating victims, and sowing anxiety. While all lethal, some monsters terrify like no other.

10 Snare Fleas

Ambush Predators That Attack From Above

Snare Flea Model Sitting On Ground In Lethal Company

The nasty little creatures called Snare Fleas use the element of surprise to attack you. They are indoor monsters that cling to ceilings and wait for victims to walk below before attacking. Snare Fleas wrap themselves around your head when they attack, muffling sound and blocking visibility as they suffocate victims.

Surprise is the Snare Flea’s greatest weapon. These monsters can be easily killed with a sign or if the victim exits the facility as they’re weak to the outside air. While easily killable, the fear instilled in a victim at the sudden loss of sight can cause them to run blindly away from help. Remaining calm and keeping a sign at the ready greatly reduces the scariness of Snare Fleas.

9 Bunker Spider

Ensnares Victims With Webs

Bunker Spider From Lethal Company Standing On Floor

Bunker Spiders spin webs in dark corridors and wait for prey to fall into their trap. Stepping into their webs greatly slows you and can mean death for the careless. They’re indoor creatures that can be found on any moon.

Facing giant, man-eating spiders from space in tight corridors is pretty much as bad as it gets for arachnophobes. To add to the horror, Bunker Spiders will web your body into a cocoon that they’ll hang from the ceiling if you fall to them. These monsters are easy to deal with once you get some offensive items, but they’re undeniably creepy and will always create thrills.

8 Eyeless Dog

Loves To Snack On Loud Company Employees

Eyeless Dog From Lethal Company Standing In Empty Area

These literally-named monsters are large dogs that prowl the outdoors at night. Eyeless Dogs are blind and hunt by listening for prey. They often travel in packs and can easily enter the ship if the door is open, making them a terror for ship operators.

Keeping a safe distance from the Eyeless Dogs can be challenging since they’ll often cover a large area with all the pack members. You can’t speak when there are dogs nearby, leading to tense moments of crawling through the dark while hounds growl nearby. Even after learning how to avoid the Eyeless Dogs, they’re still sneakily good at getting the drop on you.

7 Thumper

A Crawling Monstrosity With Scary Speed

Thumper Being Shocked By Player In Lethal Company

Thumpers are bestial monsters that stomp through facilities. They don’t have rear legs and rely solely on their arms to move, giving them a creepy crawl. Thumpers are fast creatures that use their speed and powerful jaws to hunt. You’ll likely hear a Thumper before seeing it as it moves loudly and violently.


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These monsters are a menacing sight to behold thanks to their dagger-like teeth. They are hostile creatures that give chase immediately upon spotting their next meal. Luckily, Thumpers are deaf and thus unable to track you outside their vision. They’re also unable to turn quickly once they begin charging, making Thumper encounters manageable if you utilize their weaknesses.

6 Earth Leviathan

A Humbling Giant That Burrows Beneath The Ground

Earth Leviathan Soaring Through Sky In Lethal Company

Taking the prize for the largest monster, the Earth Leviathan is a behemoth-sized worm that attacks you from below. You’ll know an Earth Leviathan is nearby by the groans of the earth as it burrows towards prey.

These massive creatures never fail to make you feel powerless in their presence. It’s possible to dodge an Earth Leviathan’s attacks by backtracking when they’re about to emerge from the ground since the monsters attempt to predict your path and attack where you will be. Earth Leviathans only spawn outdoors and at night, making them an infrequent opponent. Nonetheless, dodging gigantic and bloodthirsty worms in the darkness is always an unnerving experience.

5 Coil-Head

A Persistent Monster That Gets Shy From Eye Contact

Coil-Head Frozen Near Player In Lethal Company

Coil-Heads are monsters with mannequin-like bodies that have their heads attached with a massive spring. They are relentless pursuers that move rapidly when outside of your vision but freeze when spotted, similar to the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who.

While simple in their tactics, Coil-Heads are always frightening to come across. There’s something deeply disturbing in the juxtaposition of their heads rocking back and forth after they abruptly stop in your vision compared to the eerie stillness of their bodies. These monsters demand more attention than any other with their incredible speed and persistence. You have no choice but to give Coil-Heads your attention and pray that nothing else lurks just outside your vision.

4 Forest Keeper

Intelligent Guardians That Stalk Through The Trees

Forest Keeper Standing Menacingly Above Player In Lethal Company

The headless giants of the woods, Forest Keepers are brutal monsters that love snatching you up on your way back to the ship. As their name suggests, these creatures roam around forests in search of their next snack.

The booming footsteps of Forest Keepers are always chilling after surviving a harrowing scrap run. Forest Keepers are intelligent monsters that use both sight and sound to find prey. Being spotted by one is a death sentence as they’re faster and have better stamina, so avoiding their line of sight is best for survival.

This is much easier said than done since you’ll be bumbling through the dark with arms full of scrap nearly every encounter you have with these monsters. Forest Keepers will investigate sounds and areas where they last saw you. Their intelligence and physicality make them a horrifying encounter anytime you enter the woods.

3 Jester

A Monstrosity Disguised As A Child’s Toy

Jester Charging At Door Player Looks Through In Lethal Company

A monster found on the hardest moons, the Jester is an off-putting creation that rhythmically chases you throughout facilities. The body of the Jester is a Jack-in-the-Box toy that has legs and an arm. It’ll chase after you and begin cranking itself once near. When it’s done cranking, a giant skull will pop out of the box and the Jester will chase you relentlessly. It’ll keep getting faster and won’t stop until there’s nobody left.


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The sounds the Jester makes give it the strangeness and absurdity of carnival horror. It’s simultaneously terrifying while retaining some playfulness from the child’s toy it mimics. The best way to combat the Jester is for everyone to leave the building as this will reset the monster. This requires coordination and if you get lost, it likely means death to the Jester.

2 Bracken

A Silent, Relentless Hunter That Lurks In The Shadows

Bracken Standing Uncomfortably Close Behind Player Lethal Company

Also known as the “Flower Man,” Brackens are ruthless hunters who stalk you before dragging your lifeless body into the darkness. They can be easily identified by their glowing white eyes that can be seen peering through the shadows and their dark red humanoid-like bodies. These creatures will sneak up on you when your guard is down, quietly kill you, and then immediately run away with your body deep into the facility.

The only reliable defense against Brackens is to briefly look at it to scare it off, but it’ll attack if you stare for too long. After a Bracken has been scared, it’ll resume hunting you after a short period.

Brackens inflict unparalleled psychological effects. Unlike other monsters that can be avoided or will give warning before attacking, Brackens are silent killers that relentlessly hunt you as soon as they spawn.

The terror of a Bracken lies in the anticipation between sightings. Once a Bracken has been spotted, you need to constantly scan your surroundings to keep it at bay. Witnessing a Bracken drag the body of your friend into the darkness is downright horrific and forces you to reckon with the reality that you could be next.

1 Ghost Girl

The Unbeatable Spirit That Haunts Distant Moons

Ghost Girl From Lethal Company Standing Next To Oblivious Player

Located on the furthest moons, the Ghost Girl is the reaper of Lethal Company. Seeing the Ghost Girl means you are marked for death and that she’ll be coming to claim you shortly. There’s nothing you can do to prevent her haunting and attacking; she’s inevitable.

Isolation is what makes the Ghost Girl so horrifying to encounter since only the person being haunted can see her. The Ghost Girl is also the only monster that can go inside or outside, so nowhere is safe once she starts skipping. You can’t stop her, you’re alone, there’s nowhere to run, and your friends are next if she gets you. The Ghost Girl brings the horror of Lethal Company to its fullest potential.


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