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Little Mellow – Color Escape info

Little Mellow – Color Escape is waiting for you in a world of colorful adventure! 🌟

Take Little Mellow, the adorable character, on a colorful adventure through mazes on this exciting platform. Move forward by coloring every corner, for this you need to paint every corner of the maze using the wall-to-wall moving mechanic. Right, left, up, down.

But be careful! It’s not as easy as it looks. There may be obstacles in your way.

You will encounter various traps, enemies and power-ups. Overcome every challenge that comes your way!

Color your way through the area with your Little Mellow character and avoid traps. When you encounter enemies, use your agility and reflexes to defeat them. Complete Little Mellow’s adventure by overcoming the challenges of the different levels.

Each level contains uniquely designed mazes and puzzles, making the game consistently exciting and challenging.


🌟 Experience unique adventures with Little Mellow.

🎮 Each level offers different puzzles and challenges.

🚀 Fast-paced gameplay mechanics will keep you glued to the screen.

🌈 Eye-catching graphics with a vibrant and striking color palette.

🌟 Discover hidden levels with an immersive story and rewards.

Little Mellow – Color Escape is perfect for anyone who wants to discover the magic of colors and have a fun escape experience.

Download now and join this adventure full of color!

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