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The LJFitness App.

Brilliant platform for new or existing clients to level up their fitness journey. Personal trainer taking you through the whole process giving you professional guidance and support. An easy to use platform aiding help to your future self.

Each workout is tailored to you with a workout schedule so you can see the week ahead. As a trainer I can view completed and missed workouts, alongside an internal messaging function to give you, the client the best connection and engagement possible. A strong aim of LJFitness is the elimination of accountability issues. An exercise library is available to demonstrate correct form and most importantly for you the client to return to. You also have the ability to upload your own photos and videos for myself, the trainer to analyse. Check ins and progression is a major factor when it comes to bettering yourself, we need to understand and visualise what is working and what isn’t. Tracking of body metrics will be completed in order to keep progression monitored. A daily habits check list is available to always allow for an increase in a healthy mindset.


Tailored workouts

Weekly workout schedule

Daily habits check list

Nutritional Advise

Exercise Library

Ability to uploaded your own photos and videos

Photo and video analysis

Internal Messaging with Personal Trainer

Check Ins with Personal Trainer

Body Metrics Visual progression

A variety of subscription options for you to decide which one if going to aid you best. Working with a real life personal trainer to give you the best results possible. Help your future self, start now.

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