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Lucifer idle info

The revenge and growth story of Lucifer, who was abandoned in heaven.

Save the humans in Middle Earth and grow by killing all the monsters!

▶Lucifer fights to protect humans even if left unattended!

– Grow simply, easily, and quickly with automatic battle without the need for manual manipulation.

▶Colorful and cool skill effects!

– Experience spectacular and powerful battles through various skill combinations.

▶Hack and slash with a sense of insight!

– Feel the thrill of killing endless monsters at once with wide-range skills.

▶Lucifer looks cold but is cute and full of charm!

– Decorate Lucifer with a unique costume and increase his abilities.

▶Stories with a variety of pets!

– Go on an adventure with cute pets that use a variety of skills.

※ Note: The server accessed for this game varies depending on the device language set by the user.

If your device’s language is Korean, you will be connected to the Korean server. If your device’s language is other languages, you will be connected to the global server. Please keep this in mind when downloading the game.




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