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Welcome to Mai Bhago Group of Institutes (Girls), where education meets innovation in a nurturing environment designed to empower young minds. Our institute stands as a beacon of educational excellence, fostering holistic development and academic brilliance among our students.

Attendance Module:

Our state-of-the-art attendance module ensures seamless tracking of student attendance. Through a user-friendly interface, parents and faculty can monitor attendance records in real-time, promoting accountability and regularity in student attendance.

Homework & Classwork:

At Mai Bhago Institutes, we prioritize the reinforcement of classroom learning through diligent homework assignments and engaging classwork. Our faculty designs comprehensive tasks that challenge and inspire students, fostering a deeper understanding of the subjects taught.


We believe in promoting critical thinking and creativity through assignments tailored to each student’s learning curve. These assignments encompass a wide array of subjects and are meticulously structured to encourage independent thought and problem-solving skills.

Social Posts:

In the digital age, we understand the importance of online presence. Through our social media channels, we share insightful updates, achievements, and events, keeping our students, parents, and well-wishers informed and engaged in our vibrant community.

Online Fees:

Convenience is key, which is why we offer a hassle-free online fee payment system. Parents can easily access and pay fees through our secure online portal, saving time and effort while ensuring a seamless transaction process.


Our examination system is designed to assess not just rote learning but true comprehension and application of knowledge. We conduct regular assessments, both formative and summative, to evaluate the progress and understanding of each student.

At Mai Bhago Group of Institutes (Girls), we are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped with knowledge, skills, and values necessary to thrive in the modern world. Our comprehensive modules ensure that every aspect of a student’s academic journey is supported and enhanced, fostering a love for learning and a drive for excellence. Join us in sculpting a brighter future for our young women!

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