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Manager Game 2023.1.1 APK Download for Android

Prepare to enter the cricket match of real talents! Have a new experience when you personally manage a team with the top cricket players in the world and feel the thrill and excitement when conquering the heights of glory with them! Look no further than Playsport Games’ newest cricket team management game, Cricket Champs: Manager Game!

Introducing Cricket Champs: Manager Game

Cricket Champs: Manager Game is an extremely interesting sports management game and specifically cricket. Cricket Champs: Manager Game puts you in the role of a cricket team manager to participate in fierce and dramatic matches. Just released a few days ago, this game has quickly won the hearts of players because of its interesting and realistic gameplay. If you are a fan of the sport of cricket, you will definitely love Cricket Champs: Manager Game!


The gameplay in Cricket Champs: Manager Game is designed to realistically and vividly recreate a cricket match. You are not only a manager but also a direct participant in the match process. You make decisions at the crucial moment and watch every detail of the match from a top perspective.

Before each match, you will have to choose your squad. This decision is not only based on the player’s health and physical condition but is also related to the tactics that will be applied in the match. There are players who are capable of playing better in specific phases of the match and you need to determine the formation to optimize the team’s strength.

On the cricket field there are different positions including batsmen, bowlers, fielders and keeper. You will be the one to decide who holds what position based on their parameters and strengths. At the same time, you will also be the one controlling the players on the field to help the whole team win. Therefore, Cricket Champs: Manager Game also emphasizes the player’s skills throughout the match.

Choose smart tactics

You can choose from a variety of different tactics to apply to your squad based on the match situation. Have a strong offensive strategy to chase scores or a defensive strategy when you need to protect the score. Depending on the score, number of remaining balls, force correlation and the specific situation of the match, you will have to adjust your tactics to ensure the home team has a chance to win.

Before each match, you will see the opponent’s lineup including player names and stats to consider the style of play you will choose. Therefore, come up with reasonable strategies so that your squad always takes the initiative in each game.

Results and bonus points

The results of each match in Cricket Champs: Manager Game affect the points and rewards system you receive. Good achievements will bring more experience points and finances, helping you upgrade your squad, tactics and the players themselves. In particular, winning achievements in the domestic arena will help you rank up to play in higher tournaments, even reaching the continental level to meet other fierce opponents. Rewards can also include discounts on in-game purchases or unlocking new content.

The transfer market is vibrant

Like football, cricket also has a transfer market for teams to make additional player transactions. In Cricket Champs: Manager Game, the transfer market does not take place seasonally but you can make transactions at any time. Consider adding quality names to your squad with high stats and positions suitable for your squad.

Cricket Champs: Manager Game has a series of top stars in the world with superior skills such as Shhubman Gill, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma… These are all top players and recruiting them to play will cost a lot of money. However, these players are all stars who can help the team win at important moments.


Each player in the game is simulated with high detail, from face, outfit to movements and gestures. Player models are not only beautiful images but also represent the characteristics and playing style of each cricket star.

In addition, the fields in Cricket Champs are designed with realism and spaciousness. From the lush green field to the areas surrounding the field, everything is recreated with high graphic quality. Different grounds have their own distinct characteristics, from the elegant international tournament grounds to the domestic grounds with passionate crowds.

Download Cricket Champs: Manager Game APK for Android

Cricket Champs: Manager Game is truly an ideal destination for those who love sports in general and cricket in particular. Download this brand new game now to experience the exciting atmosphere of the world’s top cricket matches!

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