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MDA PULSA is a trusted cheap data & PPOB package credit application

(One Application For All Providers)

Join MDA PULSA, use it yourself cheaply sell it and definitely make a profit!

With the MDA PULSA Application you can transact:

1. Credit, Data Packages, Data Vouchers

2. Electricity Token, E-Wallet

3. Postpaid Bills

4. Etc.

Why should you choose MDA PULSA???

1. Trusted Top Up and PPOB Services. MDA PULSA is a credit top-up application that is cheap, safe, reliable, simple and easy to reach for partners.

2. Complete application features:

Check balance & account information, check real-time prices, register downline feature, transfer balance to downline menu, add balance, check transaction history, print receipts, app lock feature, etc.

We will continue to develop features so that we can always provide the best.

3. Customer Service that always helps with your transactions.

4. 24 Hour Online Transactions except during maintenance or our provider’s system is down.

5. Easy deposits can be made via Bank Transfer, Minimarket, QRIS.

6. Cheap & competitive prices

We will always provide cheap prices & speed of transactions as our priority.

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