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Mech shooter Battle Arena War info

Build up your fantastic robot hangar, engage in thrilling robot fighting, use the resources you’ve earned to develop your war machines and armaments, and then show off in stunning battles in breathtaking settings.

While battling for beacons, seizing flags, or just killing your opponents in thrilling death battles, use varied combat strategies!

Choose your own robots and outfit them with terrifying weaponry for many conceivable combinations!

Mech Battle is the ideal city attack game for you if you enjoy robot battles and mobile games about robots.

So, pilot, take up arms! Right now, fame and wealth are waiting for you on the battlefield!

You play as a robot in a war battle warfare game and you perform a various task such as search the repair kit to get the fully energize, destroy the power source which is controlling the electricity of base, destroy the generator which are the source of energy for base, destroy the fuel depus present in the base and demolish the radars to disconnect the links between the base and outer sources in the crime city. You destroy your enemies with an amazing shooting attack in a robot city attack game .

A massive mobile mech robot warfare mech robot shooting game is called Robots War. Be ready for sneaky adversary tactics, surprise strikes, and complex tactical manoeuvres. Demolish, occupy, and enhance! Gain strength and establish yourself as the top mech shooter in the Robots battle arena war world!

You can play the war robots game and play the finest shooting fight war robots! Join the robot games for free!

Features of Mech shooter Battle Arena War:

Modern 3D graphics

Constant combat that never lets you catch your breath!

A variety of robot upgrading modules!

Numerous camouflage and decal variations

The greatest mech bots shooting games with simple controls that both beginners and experienced players will enjoy!

Easy and realistic gameplay.

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