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Merge Fruit – Watermelon game info

In Watermelon Game (or Suika Game), your goal is to make identical fruits collide to prevent them from dropping out of the box. But watch out! When the same fruits collide, they change into a different kind of fruit.

Can you create a watermelon? Combine two small fruits to make one big fruit and see if you can produce a large, juicy melon!

Game Features:

Dynamic Fruit Matching: Test your mind by matching identical fruits and see them change!

Strategic Gameplay: Prevent the fruits from falling out of the box by cleverly combining them.

Exciting Transformations: Find new kinds of fruits as you combine and advance through the game.

Fun and Engaging: Have fun and entertainment for hours with this innovative fruit-matching experience.

Get ready for a fruit-filled adventure with the Watermelon Game! Enter the world of dynamic fruit matching and strategic gameplay. Combine identical fruits and discover exciting transformations. Can you produce a big melon and prevent the fruits from dropping out of the box? Enjoy this fun and engaging Suika Game.

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