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Merge Heroes: Tower Defense info

In the endless battle journey, constantly summon and synthesize, use your titan heroes and heroic spirits to build a team, formulate strategies, start the game, and leave the rest to luck! ! !

★Fashionable gameplay that is popular all over the world: random summoning, random synthesis!

–Choose five cards to form your team, and constantly summon new heroic spirits to defend you from the enemy

–3*5 characteristic chessboard, heroic spirits will randomly appear at the designated positions!

–Randomly synthesized building strategies, more powerful upgrade power, bring great challenges and unknowns to the battlefield

★Luxurious and massive Titan heroes and special arms

–Powerful attacking arms to quickly destroy the enemy and accumulate advantages for your victory

–Exquisite auxiliary units and cunning assassins to strengthen your team and eliminate enemy fighters

–There is also a powerful non-attribute bomb unit that blows up the audience!

–There are also titan heroes who subvert the battlefield, with large-scale attack skills, weakening enemies, summoning walls, etc., instantly turning the tide of battle and turning defeat into victory!

★PVP battles with real-time online matches with players from all over the world

–“1V1 Battle” Create an exclusive camp, use heroes and synthetic strategies to conquer opponents, and get trophies and achievements!

— “2V2 Cooperative Competition” Collaborate with comrades to suppress the enemy, and jointly obtain the glory and rewards of victory!

★Abundant casual gameplay and massive activity modes are continuously updated!

–Experience different lineups and explore the adventurous “Ancient Maze”

–We will compete with strong opponents every week in the “Glory Arena”

–Challenge and conquer ancient monsters in another world “Alien Hunting Game”

–Go to a higher ladder and the novel boss mechanism “Road to Adventure”

–There are also a large number of themed activities, trophy journeys, season pass cards, luxury treasure chests, etc. to bring you a new start!

★Multiple languages

–English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Vietnamese…Global coverage is in progress!

*Special statement

–It is recommended to play in an environment with good network connection or connect to WIFI to get the best gaming experience.

— Your valuable suggestions and comments will make the game more perfect!

–If you have any questions, please send an email to the following mailbox to communicate with us:

–Feedback information will be replied within one to three working days, thank you for your understanding and cooperation! 😅

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