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Metal Screw – Nuts And Bolts info

Welcome to the exciting and challenging world of Bolts and Nuts Challenge – a unique educational and puzzle game on the mobile platform. Immerse yourself in a magical world of iron bars and screws, where your finesse and cleverness are put to the ultimate test.

Key Features:

Bolt Unthreading Challenge: Confront a variety of challenging levels, from simple walls to complex structures, and showcase your skills in unthreading screws from iron bars.

Diverse Difficulty Levels: Navigate through a diverse range of levels with increasing difficulty, catering to beginners and offering thrilling challenges for experienced players.

Stunning Interface: Enjoy a visually stunning graphic interface and lively sound effects, creating an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience.

Learning and Education: Bolts and Nuts Challenge is not just a puzzle game; it provides an opportunity to learn about mechanics and engineering, especially for those young enthusiasts who love creativity and craftsmanship.

Come and experience the joy of relaxation and intellectual stimulation with Bolts and Nuts Challenge!

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