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It’s a fact that we men rarely bring an example with us. However, everyone has the need to look in the mirror. For example, if you want to squeeze a pimple on your face, adjust your hairstyle or simply want to enhance your beauty a little while going out, a small mirror is really a necessary item. Knowing that, the Mirror Plus application was launched with the purpose of simulating a mirror but used right on your phone.

Introducing Mirror Plus

With the development of modern technology, the phone will no longer be limited to listening, calling, texting, surfing the web or playing games, you can use it for many other purposes, typically make a hand mirror, for example. Mirror Plus simply turns your phone into a mirror, but other than using the phone’s front camera, this application also has many other useful features to overcome the limitations of a mirror.

High quality mirror

Mirror Plus stands out with its ability to display high-quality images, helping you clearly see every detail on faces and other objects. Mirror Plus uses the front camera to reflect your image on the screen. But by some unknown mechanism, the image quality of the front camera through Mirror Plus is much clearer than when using the regular camera application. Sharp images and realistic colors help you feel like you’re looking into a real mirror, not through an app.

Zoom in to see more clearly

One of the great features that Mirror Plus surpasses a normal mirror is the ability to directly zoom in or out the image while looking in the mirror. Sometimes you want to closely observe a certain detail on your face but it is in a position that is too difficult to observe or too small to see in detail, this feature is truly a “saving” tool. Accordingly, when looking in the mirror via Mirror Plus, you can zoom in or out the image directly here. The ability to zoom up to x8 times normal will help you see all the pores on your face, let alone a few pimples.

Look at yourself in the mirror even in the dark

In places where there is no light, you can still use Mirror Plus to observe yourself while still ensuring clear quality. With Mirror Plus’s diverse lighting effects, it will provide many options for you to customize the light as you like. Effects such as warm light, white light and glow light can be used flexibly in dark situations.

Mirror Plus is designed with automatic light sensitivity, helping the application detect the light level of the surrounding environment and automatically adjust the flash accordingly. This will ensure that you always have a clear image without having to worry about complicated settings.

Take photos simply

Mirror Plus does not stop at the mirror function to enhance your appearance, this application has even more interesting things, typically mentioning the ability to take photos while using the mirror. There are times when you’re looking in the mirror and you’ll discover angles that make you look handsome or pretty, so press the shutter button right away to take a photo that shows off your most beautiful angle.

Besides, Mirror Plus integrates an automatic photo mode to help you capture natural moments without having to press a button. When a face is detected, the application will automatically take a photo, ensuring you don’t miss the most beautiful angles. Furthermore, to create more beautiful and creative photos, Mirror Plus also provides a virtual makeup feature. You can experiment with lipsticks, mascara and other cosmetics without using the actual product, adding more creativity to the photo.

Cool 3D effects

To help you have a fun story on Instagram, Facebook or any other social networking platform, Mirror Plus has developed many interesting animations that can be used while you are looking in the mirror. These effects are often entertaining and most importantly, they are very trendy with today’s youth trends. Try this feature now and export interesting photos or videos.

MOD APK version of Mirror Plus

All Pro features have been unlocked in the Mirror Plus MOD APK version. You can download and use all features of this application completely free of charge.

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Mirror Plus MOD APK for Android

Always carrying a mirror with you is a bit inconvenient, but if that mirror is right in your phone, it’s great. From now on, diligently look in the mirror and make yourself always the most beautiful version thanks to the Mirror Plus application, a great tool that will support you in many situations in life.

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