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Mods Cars for Minecraft PE info

A popular mod for racing and other cars for the open world of Minecraft. Take part in races and win long drift games on mcpe maps. If you are a fan of games about cars and cool cars, then our Mods Cars application in Minecraft is ideal for you. Get unique supercars in the pixel world of survival, feel the speed and ease of movement. If you need to travel a lot, then we advise you to download this add-on!

Thanks to car mods and cool cars, you can change your Minecraft world. Here you will find a unique game design and a large list of cars. Experience all the legendary Lamborghini cars and the Japanese auto industry.

The game has well-detailed car models, we tried to embody each car in realistic (as far as possible) graphics, but also kept the style of Minecraft cubes. The cars will also have their own unique sounds, different speed settings and their own unique interior.

For a more comfortable game, you can also install RTX Shader to get not only colorful cars for mcpe, but also a survival world with realistic graphics and beautiful views.

With the new addon, various blocks, resources and mechanisms are also added to the Minecraft game. You can both create a car and find it in the open pixel world of mc pe. To create it you will need a lot of resources, you can see in more detail in the interface, which was designed specifically for this mod.

Feel like a real racer and install our unique skins with the design of pilots form 1. Get a variety of new features with us now!

Features of racing mod for MCPE:

– Immerse yourself in a fascinating story and play with the most popular add-ons, including cars and cool cars that will add a Lamborghini or Ferrari.

– Feel immersed in this Minecraft world with the auto mod and experience exciting gameplay.

– Completely offline car addon. You just need to install our racing cars application and you can download the mod without the Internet.

– All auto mods in the car racing app without the Internet are absolutely free.

Try to change your understanding of the game of the world of survival Minecraft Pocket Edition, along with our Cars Mods add-on. Get a variety of different and quick means of moving around the craftsman survival world. Also, this addon will help you in an emergency to fight off evil creatures or mobs. Install the mod in one click with our BlockLauncher for Minecraft PE.

📋DISCLAIMER: This is not an official Mojang product and is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Cars Mods, the Minecraft trademark and the Minecraft assets are the property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. This application follows the relevant usage guidelines at

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