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Monster Go! 0.0.13 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

Monster Go! takes you into the world of cute, colorful monsters. You will participate in unlimited runs while controlling adorable plump monsters. Remember to collect gold, items, and let your opponents breathe smoke. If you do that, and maintain your form, you will win from one level to the next.

Introduce about Monster Go!

Join in endless monster racing!


You’ve played many endless racing games, but just running on your own or on some short-term vehicle? Playing Monster Go will be very different. Monster Go! is an endless run game. However, you do not run yourself but will be ridden on your back, on your head, or in many other forms, generally controlling cute monsters yourself to gain the highest position on the speed track.

Your task when “driving” monsters and running on the road is also quite simple. Just maintain the highest speed possible, eat coins, eat items, and open random treasures on the way. Then slowly upgrade your skills, unlock new monsters, and unlock new features and levels. From there, increase the strength of yourself and the monster you control.

Ultimately, the goal is not only to get a high ranking at the end of the race but also to strengthen your character and your monsters to the highest level possible. In each chapter, difficult, explosive boss battles await you. And of course, a final battle at the end of the game will take place to fight the big boss. To prepare for these important moments, you must become the strongest and fastest.

Combining role-playing elements and endless running

When start playing, you will be able to choose a character. Taking from 1 of the 3 classes the game provides, you will have different characters, from fighting style to temperament, skills, and strengths. Each character, after being configured, can also be customized at a basic level. So that each player can create their own unique character.

Along with choosing a class, the process of unlocking new skills, adding strength, and adding weapons to heroes along the track will continue to partly shape their own development path. Try a few experiments with different progressions, to see what works for you.

Don’t forget to destroy all opponents on the way

If you just quietly run fast and ignore destroying opponents on the road. At some point, when they are strong enough and fast enough, they will turn around and kick you off the track.

Along with finding ways to set traps and use weapons to destroy all opponents on the road, you also need to continuously collect coins and use superior speed to increase your scores. The combined points and coins will in turn help open up a number of new skills. You can also use gold to buy more weapons and useful items.

Combining increasingly powerful skills, weapons, and equipment, you will have hope of defeating many powerful bosses in the game chapters.

Experience 5 big levels with 5 huge bosses

Monster Go! divides into 5 large levels. Each level will have many small levels with a monster boss at the end. You will have to pass each speed level, overcome countless obstacles to reach the finish line, score points, and summarize the amount of gold earned. And go to the final stage of a level, facing a difficult boss. Where you will use all your fighting skills and role-playing spirit to win it.

If you go deep enough and unlock Endless Mode, the bosses will be even stronger than in the normal game mode, creating countless more drama during the battle.

There is also a roguelike feature. This means that when you die, you can reincarnate and play again from the first level. More importantly, during gameplay and combat, different combinations of skills and items will make a difference like the character’s power. With the same original class, each player will have their own way of creating their character.

Download Monster Go! APK for Android

Monster Go! is where you meet strange, adorable creatures, race non-stop, and can also role-play and fight roguelike. A fun game with so much to experience. Let’s download and play right away!

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