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Moonlight Blade 0.0.5 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

Moonlight Blade is an impressive open-world MMORPG from publisher INFIPLAY. The story of the magnificent, shimmering world of Chinese martial arts, full of elements of action, combat, daily life, martial arts, and romantic relationships all appear in the game. If you have fallen in love with the beautiful, uplifting, fairy-like images in Chinese movies, you definitely cannot miss this game.

Introducing Moonlight Blade

Embark on an unforgettable journey!


As a passionate fan of Chinese martial arts novels and movies, you have probably wanted to become a part of that magnificent world of martial arts more than once. There is a mobile game that can help the above wish come true.

Moonlight Blade is an open-world MMORPG set in the world of traditional Chinese martial arts. Whoever you are here, you will enjoy it to the fullest, becoming a powerful martial arts hero, with an extraordinary appearance and character, capable of walking in the clouds and on the wind, fighting all enemies.

Freely travel the mountains and water, make friends with heroes from the same world, and enjoy the elegant pleasures of everyday life. Never forget the long days of practicing and cultivating martial arts on snowy mountaintops or near the banks of gurgling waterfalls day and night.

Everything you can imagine about the life of a talented, generous teenager, like in famous swordplay movies, will be in this game.

Explore unique character classes

Similar to Chinese movies, heroes can have different backgrounds, and strengths or belong to different sects. When playing Moonlight Blade, you will also be able to choose the class for your character. With 6 classes with strong characteristics, from the beginning, you have a series of unique characteristics and advantages.

These characteristics not only affect the way of fighting in clashes but also contribute to determining the path of future progress. In many cases, it also helps you have different advantages with daily activities such as fishing, cooking, hunting…

After choosing a class, you will next choose a character to play as. Each character comes with a detailed set of customization tools. By customizing eye color, hair color, outfit, face, physique… you have the opportunity to create a unique, one-of-a-kind character for yourself. Focusing all inspiration on the smallest details, you will enter the game in the most liberal and fun way.

Online multiplayer role-playing features

Moonlight Blade has both PVE and PVP modes. PVP is the most popular and popular mode in this game because it possesses a series of powerful multiplayer features. You can decide to join an existing team of heroes, or if you are brave enough, you can even form a powerful guild yourself and call others to join.

Together with your clan, promote overall strength and solidarity, and you will easily win in traumatic raids. The toughest villains are sometimes not your clan’s opponents.

In head-to-head matches, even if you are playing with your clan, make the most of your collective strength. You can still unleash devastating combos to become a dominant character on the battlefield.

During the process of exploring, fighting, and enjoying the world of Moonlight Blade, you will have a lot of time to make friends, interact with other players in real-time, or join a clan, to build a potential world.

Teamwork is the key to every victory

When fighting with teammates, Moonlight Blade’s multiplayer tactics are most evident. Specifically, you will have to participate in the most thrilling battlefields. And in that situation, even if you are an extremely talented person, fighting alone, there will come a time when you will become exhausted.

But it will be different if you accompany a series of other mighty warriors. However, the big challenge when fighting with a clan is Arrangement and Teamwork. Reasonable arrangements, a backup plan, and a strong team spirit between team members will quickly lead you to victory over the army of extremely powerful enemies ahead.

If your team wins many excellent victories, you can climb to the top of the rankings. At the same time, many items were obtained. Gain more fame and recognition from other players. For role-playing players, this is the most beneficial benefit everyone wants to have when playing games.

Fight head-to-head in PVP

Online multiplayer gameplay in Moonlight Blade is divided into 2 situations. The first is to fight in the same clan, working together to fight the enemy. The second is PVP combat. In this mode, you will face other players in 1v1 or 5v5 battles. By pushing yourself to constantly progressive levels, and with creative freedom when combining available dynamic skills, players will be able to defeat opponents, bringing in huge achievement points and experience points.

Download Moonlight Blade APK for Android

With sparkling, fanciful AAA open-world graphics, and 6 unique character classes, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a quality multiplayer role-playing game with Chinese style in Moonlight Blade. Let’s download and play this amazing right away!

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