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Movie Summary – 5 Min Reads info

Movie Summary is an app allowing you to get to know the main bits of a movie without watching it.

Weither you are curious about a movie and don’t want to watch it, or if a sequel to a movie just released and you didn’t see the previous ones, this is a great app to save yourself time and turn a few hours into a 5 minutes read.


By default only the introduction and main story are displayed when loading a summary, while the end of the story requires the press of a button to be displayed.

Also all summaries are meant to be short and straight to the point, most of the time not going too much into details of each event occuring in the story.

That way you could still later watch the movie and have a great time, especially if you did not read the end of the movie.

The introduction contains informations about the movie itself, when it was released, what genre of movie it is, and who directed it.

You’ll then be introduced the main characters and who they are played by just before getting straight into the storyline and main twists.

The spoiler part contains the end of the movie, you’ll know if the protagonists reached their goal or not and what the final twist is.


An internet connexion is not requiered to use the app, you can read all summaries anytime, anywhere!


The app is regularly updated with new summaries, so don’t hesitate sharing with us what movie you’d like to see added by rating the app and writing it down in the comment section.

The app currently have around 100 movies summarized and we are planning to have over 1000 by the end of 2023.


If you can’t open the app after updating (Device blocking), we invite you to clear the app cache and uninstall/reinstall the app.

If you still can’t open the app, please consult the Google Play support page dedicated to this issue :


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