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My Civilization: Build Your Civilization from the Stone Age to the Present!

Embark on a journey that began in the Stone Age in My Civilization, and continue to explore the mysteries of each era as you construct your own civilization. In this mobile idle tycoon game, you’ll start from the Stone Age and progress through time as you develop your civilization.

Start from the Stone Age

The game begins in the Stone Age. Your initial task is to gather wood and stone by cutting trees and breaking rocks. With these resources, you can expand your civilization by unlocking new areas. Additionally, you’ll start building a dock using the bones you collect, which will be crucial for advancing to the next era.

Construct Your Buildings

To advance your civilization, it’s not just about constructing the dock; you’ll also need to expand by unlocking new areas and building various structures. Building more structures allows you to use your resources more efficiently, making your civilization stronger and more impressive.

Transition to the Bronze Age

After completing the Stone Age, it’s time to transition to the Bronze Age by building a dock. In the Bronze Age, your buildings will be more advanced compared to the Stone Age. You’ll cut cacti and palm trees to unlock new areas and work on constructing even more advanced buildings.

Collect Sculpture Pieces

Once you’ve completed the Bronze Age, you’ll need to build another dock to transition to the next era. This time, you’ll need to collect sculpture pieces to construct the dock. Each era comes with its unique challenges and rewards, and each stage is an opportunity to push your civilization forward.

My Civilization is an immersive and addictive idle tycoon game that will captivate you. It offers you the excitement of building your own civilization and experiencing the transitions to different eras. Are you ready to become a legendary leader?

Download our game now and start building your civilization, beginning with the Stone Age!”

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