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Welcome to my pet rabbit care game rabbits can be very affectionate pets if they are given the chance basically rabbits are very social and enjoy spending time with their human companions

Once you have gained rabbits trust they will start to show you how much they are loving you in their own bunny ways.

Rabbits are adorable pets but do they show affection like other pet animals?

Dogs are known for being very affection and lovable pet’s even cats despite their reputation on the internet and very affectionate animals but since rabbits are less popular pet animal most people don’t know how to expect when they bring first rabbit in their home rabbits are very shy and can take a warm up to trust a new people so if you give them a time and teach them to trust you then you will start to notice your rabbit choosing to stay with you and become more affectionate their body language is difficult to understand at first since it’s so different from cats and dogs but they really do have ways of telling you they love you and trust you a lot

In this my pet rabbit care game a cute girl was presented a rabbit by her friend for her birthday

But she too loves rabbit and this is the first time she got a rabbit as a gift and she wanted to take care this cute rabbit with love and affectionate so she want to know how to take care a pet rabbit to make the pet happy and healthier

First she wants to play with this cute pet rabbit so she decided to play in her backyard garden with her rabbit where there are so many playing items like sea saw ,jumping pad, ball, swing…etc. and then eating some snacks and drinks when they feel tired

After playing with cute pet rabbit her rabbit is so dirty so she wanted to give her a nice bath so she take her rabbit in her bathroom and in a dub put her rabbit in it and bath her with a pet shampoo and soap then dry her hair with using a dryer and while combing her rabbit is crying then only she noticed that her cute pet rabbit has some injuries in her body and she wanted to give her a treatment

When she brought the pet to pet clinic doctor checked the rabbit body to find out the injuries and then he cleaned the wounds and applied the ointment on the wounds and given the injection to reduce the pain and heal the wound soon now the rabbit feels good and she taken her rabbit to her home

Once she reached her home with cute rabbit she wanted to give her a food because she is very hungry and very tired so she given her a vegetables, fruits and milk as much as she need now the rabbit is very happy and active its ready to play with her owner

Now the cute girls has bought some things to make a rabbit cage to sleep well so she has to make the cage ready by arranging the items correctly she followed the steps one by one to make it ready and finally she has finished to make the cage now she wanted to place her cute rabbit in her cage to make her have a good sleep and the pet rabbit is sleeping well in the soft cage now cute girl also very happy to take care it and love her most.

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