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Built on the legacy of integrity and honesty, New Grown Diamond is synonymous with excellence and innovation in diamond manufacturing, catering customers worldwide with the finest qualitative Lab-grown diamonds and simultaneously elevating the norms of paramount business values.

Established 4 decades ago, We, at New Grown Diamond, has grown to be one of the most respected and trusted diamond manufacturers having state-of-the-art diamond production facilities in Surat (India), with the clientele spread across the Globe. Started with natural-mined diamond, We ventured and transformed into the manufacturing of polished Lab-grown diamonds in 2012 by keeping pace with consumer and industry trends.

Download now, to get exclusive access to the best diamond deals. Browse, compare and buy a wide range of certified quality diamonds at the ease of your fingertips. Access an exclusive list of round and fancy shape diamonds at a discounted price. All diamonds are GIA, IGI or HRD certified. Enjoy this features:

Search Diamonds: Our intuitive search makes it easy to find, filter and select the perfect diamond.

Live Inventory: Our inventory is updated in real time, 24/7. Get access to all available diamonds, at all times.

New Arrival: Be the first to know our latest diamond production.

Upcoming List: Plan your purchases by accessing our list of upcoming diamonds.

Export List: Export our diamond lists with a single tap.

This app is completely free to download. Just sign up, and get started!

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