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NFC Reader Plus info

-Now you can also Read/Write Business card using Tag enjoy the new features 🤩

-Near Field Communication (NFC) is a set of short-range wireless technologies, typically requiring a distance of 4cm or less to initiate a connection.

-NFC allows you to share small payloads of data between an NFC tag and an Android-powered device, or between two Android-powered devices. Tags can -This makes digital smartphone life easier.

-Using this app you can manage all Nfc tools quickly & easily.

#Key features:

1]. Read Tag:

– You can read NFC Tag easily with information like serial number, available technologies information & many more details…

– you can edit an NFC tag also after reading using the edit tag functionality.

2]. Write tag :

– You can Write the below things on Tag.

1) Phone number: You can write a phone number in Tag.

2) Social media: You can add a social media link with a username in this tag.

3) WiFi: You can store your WiFi name, WiFi password, Authentication type, and Encryption type in this tag and connect to WiFi easily.

4) Email: You can store email details like email address, email subject, and email body in the NFC tag.

5) Link: You can store some important links in the NFC tag.

6) Contact details: You can store contact details like name, number, email, organization name, etc in the NFC tag.

7) Launch application: You can store application data in NFC Tag to launch the app easily after reading the NFC tag.

8) Geo location: You can store location data easily in an NFC tag.

9) Plain text: You can add simple text like some important notes, texts, etc.. in NFC Tag.

10) SMS: You can store a message in an NFC tag with a phone number for later use.

11) Address: You can store an address in the NFC tag.

3].QR code: You can Scan any QR code or Barcode. and get scanning details like link content or anything information etc..& can Write on Tag.

4].Tag copy: You can easily copy the data of an NFC tag and Write its data in another tag.

5]. Tag info: You can see all the Tag details on the screen, including Serial number, Available technologies, Tag type, Payload, Is Tag writable or not, Is Tag protected by password or not can be made read-only, and Max size.

6].History: You can see all the go-through information by clicking on history like, Write tag, Read Tag, QR code, etc…Hope this app’s features will be helpful to your needs.

Permissions :

-> NFC permission : NFC Permission is required for read and write NFC Tag.

-> READ_CONTACTS Permission : To read and save your contact detail in NFC Tag.

-> Camera permission : To Scan QR code and Bar code.

-> Location Permission : Get you current location data and write its detail in NFC Tag.

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