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NFC Tools – NFC Tag Reader info

The NFC Reader Writer tools enable you to read an NFC tag or card by placing it against the back of your device. With the NFC tools app, you can easily copy the content of the tag to an unlimited number of other tags.

For configuring tasks on your NFC tag with a reader and writer, you can find and download the NFC Tools app. Once your tasks are set up correctly, just glide your phone over the NFC tag to execute the designated actions.

🎲 Key Features of NFC Tools – NFC Tag Reader:

✔️ Compatible with most famous tags technologies (MIFARE, NTAG, etc.)

✔️ Create new content with the included NFC data

✔️ Tap to Launch feature to execute content of NFC tags with a simple tap

✔️ View the existing contents of a tag information

✔️ Easy to use read wirte NFC tags.

✔️ Very simple visual interface.

✔️ Advanced security features for data protection.

✔️ Can be used as a sample inventory manager tool


★ Which type of data you can store or write on NFC ?

Plain Text and messaging data

Social media profile links

URLs and web links

Business and professional data

Educational and academic information



1. NFC compatible phone

2. Enable the NFC function on your device


❓How to Write an NFC Tag?

1. Take a tag- which can be a paper, sticker, key tag, ring,dog tag, microsoft tag or anything else that contains an NFC tag, and can set any task on it.

2. Go to write tag option in the menu, and start to add records to your NFC tag.


After you finish, just click on the write button, and put your NFC tag close to your smartphone, and WOW, now you have a new tag that contains tasks!


If you have a problem to read a tag, don’t hesitate to contact us by email to help me to fix the problem.

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