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No Thanks! is a card game created by Thorsten Gimmler, ideal for groups of three to seven players. Originally known as Geschenkt!, it was first published by Amigo Spiele in 2004 and later translated into English by Z-Man Games.

Card Range: The game features playing cards numbered from 3 to 35. Before the game begins, nine cards are randomly selected and removed from the deck, which is then thoroughly shuffled.

Chips Distribution: The number of chips each player receives at the start of the game depends on the player count. With 3 to 5 players, each player begins with 11 chips. For 6 players, each starts with 9 chips, and in games with 7 players, each player receives 7 chips. Players also have the option to conceal their chips from others if they wish.

Game Initiation: The first player initiates the game by revealing the top card from the shuffled deck. They have a choice: they can either take the card, accumulating points according to its value, or opt to pass on it by paying a chip, which is then placed on the card. The player must declare “No thanks!” when passing. Subsequently, play continues in a clockwise direction, with each player making the same decision when their turn arrives.

Collecting Cards and Chips: The gameplay continues until a player decides to take the card along with all the chips accumulated on it, if any. The player who accepts the card then flips over the next card and repeats the process, deciding whether to take it or pass it. This pattern persists until all the cards in the deck have been taken.

Scoring: In the final scoring phase of the game, players calculate their points based on the values of the cards they have collected. Notably, cards in a consecutive run are treated as a single card with the lowest value. For example, a run of cards with numbers 30, 29, 28, and 27 would be considered a 27-point set. Each chip held by a player incurs a negative point, resulting in a strategic consideration to minimize the number of chips you accumulate.

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