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Noorani Qaida in URDU (audio) info

Learn Noorani Qaida without a tutor. Just give your one hour daily and learn it. You can download its pdf at

Noorani Qaida is the very first book to understand how to read holy Quran from the beginning. We are unable to update the old app due to an app signing issue so this new app is published.

It is for persons who know the URDU language. Anybody who wants to learn Arabic can use it to learn the basics of Arabic words. It is easy to use. just scroll the pages and click and Listen.

it has a sound for each word in all 27 chapters.

It also has a matching game for the alphabet.

You can type a number to go to a page by clicking on top page number.

استاد کی مدد کے بغیر نورانی قاعدہ سیکھئے۔ روزانہ صرف ایک گھنٹہ دیجئے اور اس کو سیکھئے۔ قرآن پاک کو شروع سے پڑھنا سیکھنے کیلئے سب سے پہلے نورانی قاعدہ سمجھنا پڑتا ہے۔ یہ ان لوگوں کیلئے ہے جو اُردو جانتے ہیں۔ اگر کوئی شخص عربی سیکھنے کا خواہشمند ہوتو وہ عربی کے بنیادی الفاظ سیکھنے کیلئے بھی اس کو استعمال کرسکتاہے۔صرف صفحات کو اسکرول کریں اور کِلک کریں اور سُنیں۔ اس میں ہر لفظ کیلئے آواز موجود ہے۔ اس میں 27 ابواب ہیں۔

It has sound of Maulana Mohammad Haleem Khan, Madina Masjid, Rajajipuram, Lucknow.

You can disable ad and sound can work without any internet if you purchase in-app via “Disable Ad” button from the very first screen. its cost is only INR 25.

We want to develop this app in all other world languages so that people from different parts of the world can benefit from it quickly. But we do not have enough money for this future work. So please support us by “Disable Ad” button from the first screen and take part in this work.

Noorani Qaida is commonly used in South Asian countries in URDU schools. A better gift for your Muslim kids on their mobile.

Get iPhone version from

It has the following chapters.

– Single letters, random letters,, huruf murakkab, match game, vowel marks

– Murakkab, Practice

– Harkat, zabar, zair, paish, Question Answer

– Letters of maddah, alif maddah, yaa maddah, waw maddah, vertical zabar, vertical zair, inverted paish

– Leen alphabets, yaa leen, waw leen

– Mask harkat, letters of maddah, leen alphabets

– Tanween, double zabar, double zair, double paish

– Tanween and noon sakin

– Izhaar

– Ikhfa

-Jazm Sukoon, इम्तेहान



-Rai sakina & Musaddadah

-Hurufe Qamri & Shamshi

-Qaida of word Allah

-Rules of doing ayat

-Tashdid maah Tashdid

-Use of madd, Madd-e-Muttasil, Madd-e-Munfasil, Madd-e-Lazim

-Tashdid Huroofe madda

-Hurufe Muqattaaat

-Cases of Meem Sakin, Izhar-e-Shafawi, Ikhfa-e-Shafawi, Idgham-e-Shafawi

-Question answer


-Idgaame Yarmaloon, Idgaam-e-raa, Idgaam laam, Idgaam yaa, Idgaam waw, Idgaam meem, Idgaam nook

-Rasmul khat


-Izraye qawaid

-six Kalimas

-Adhan & iqamat

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