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OpenLock-Infinity info

Get ready for non-stop action! In this fast-paced, casual game, you’ll control a spinning arrow and blast targets that appear in random locations. Tap with precision to shatter them before they disappear, racking up points and unlocking achievements along the way. Master the challenge, customize your arrow with unique machines and power-ups, and see how far you can climb the endless score ladder. Perfect for quick bursts of excitement, Arrow Frenzy is the ultimate casual gamer’s dream!

Tap to smash targets as they pop up, conquer your high score, and unlock achievements.

Experience endless fun with our store, which includes various gaming machines.

Do you remember the casino jackpot open-lock? We will bring more than an open-lock. We re-made it infinity. That challenges your hand speed skills.

This arcade game is better than tangled new games, you can get coin and buy power-ups and new game machines from in game store and get 1 or 2 more life and use them in your strategy to get better score.

Only elites with more skills can get a good score.

Play with your friends and, with more practice, show your friend who is the better and smarter.

The development of genius and thinking better than artificial intelligence starts from here,

In a world surrounded by AI, play an offline game in arcade style and train your brain to do more.


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